Access the power and flexibility of an open source, on-premise computing cluster without the cost of specialized IT and DevOps teams

Your tools, your way

Provide the value your organization needs using the tools and software you want, packaged and delivered the way you want them

Finite element models, density functional theory, gradient descent, Burrows Wheeler Alignment, variant calling, numerical integration?

You define the tools. We make it work.

Under your control

Leverage the power of open source software and avoid vendor lock-in using the resources you already have

Using the best of open source projects, we deliver cloud-like scalability on-premise, under your control

Stormcell Application Platform

Scalable, turn-key hardware and software platform for flexible deployment of high performance analytic workloads behind your own firewall

Components selected for performance-to-price ratio to enable cost effective scale out

Delivered ready-to go

Just add power and network

Custom Application Catalogs

We work with you to containerize and package your applications into an easy to use suite of apps and tools

All dependencies are configured and tuned, out of the box

Do you need special purpose software? No problem.

We’ve got a container for that.

Your Software

Containerized & Orchestrated

Ready to Deploy

No Lock-in with Open Source

Get technical and do it yourself using public and community repositories to build, customize, and import new apps and tools into your catalog

Select from a large and growing number of curated Helm charts on Github and from other vendors

Cyclonix Platform Manager

We deliver a pre-integrated Kubernetes appliance featuring our easy to use, browser-based manager for deployment, monitoring, application access, file management, backups, updates, and more

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Why Kubernetes?

Use the same technology developed by Google to harness the power of rapid orchestrated deployments, scaling, and optimal utilization of limited computing resources

Fault Tolerance for Reliability

When nodes or applications fail, Kubernetes automatically restarts them on available hardware elsewhere in the cluster

Automatic Load Distribution
for Performance

Applications are spread across nodes to ensure hardware capacity is fully utilized

Fast Config Changes to
Do More with Less

Use the limited hardware you have for very different types of loads as the need arises without reconfiguring or re-installing software.

Easy Cloud Migration
for Flexibility

Kubernetes + Containers is the technology of the cloud. Migrate applications as your business needs change.

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